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Welcome to "From Darkness To Light", a blog that allows me to share up-to-date news, interesting facts, personal opinions, and some of my favorite articles/videos/podcasts found on the Internet, all related to Freemasonry!  I hope you enjoy!

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Is This Even Christian...Or Masonic?!?

I had to read this tagline a couple of times, to make sure I didn't misunderstand it. "I Never Forget Loyalty, Nor Do I Forget Betrayal."...

Too much Exclusivity?

As I write this blog post, I am watching the onslaught of social media posts, on both sides of the fence regarding the upcoming vote at...

2021 - Is Anything Going To Change?

Cover Photo by Nicola Fioravanti on Unsplash First, I wanted to wish everyone a very Happy and very Prosperous New Year. As much of a...

A Return to the Basics

Well, holy crap! It's been quite a long time since I have written a blog post. So sorry that I have been away, but it's been a busy few...

Brother Franklin's Thirteen Virtues

I recently sat in a Lodge meeting in a neighboring jurisdiction, where the members of the Lodge put together a program about Benjamin...

The 10%

Going all the way back to some of the very first blog posts ever penned on this site (PART ONE and PART TWO), it occurred to me that we,...

Commentary on "When the Meme Hits Home"

Over a week ago, they superbly well-put-together blog site known as "The Midnight Freemasons" published an article by Right Worshipful...

Soooo, How Many Landmarks Are There?

It dawned on me, watching Masonic-folk on Facebook argue about this and that, and all the while someone will always throw out the...

Raise the Dues?!? Gasp!

It's that time of the year when people start replacing their worn dues cards with pretty new ones. The installations are all but...


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About "From Darkness To Light" Blog

FDTL is a personal blog with news, updates, musings, opinions, and other online content related to Freemasonry and the Craft.  Scouring the Internet for years, searching for and reading great online content from many different sources has given me the impetus to share that content, and even provide some of my own, to all of you!  I hope you enjoy what really is a place to share, vent, discuss, and ultimately learn more about this amazing and lasting Fraternity!

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