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Welcome to "From Darkness To Light", a blog that allows me to share up-to-date news, interesting facts, personal opinions, and some of my favorite articles/videos/podcasts found on the Internet, all related to Freemasonry!  I hope you enjoy!

NOTE: "From Darkness to Light" Blog and any links to other content do not represent the statements and opinions of any Grand Lodge or Jurisdiction, and are solely those of the authors and content-providers, unless otherwise specified.


Guest Contribution - "It's Not Yet Time"

The following is a personal post from a Guest Contributor that lives in the District of Columbia, and poses many heartfelt and poignant...

Musings from Masonic Con

On my second trip to Ezekiel Bates Lodge, in Attleboro, Mass, I got to see friends and Brothers at the annual, and always enjoyable,...

Trying something new!

I have spent years just sitting here and pondering, ruminating, and procrastinating, so I finally decided to take the plunge, and start a...


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About "From Darkness To Light" Blog

FDTL is a personal blog with news, updates, musings, opinions, and other online content related to Freemasonry and the Craft.  Scouring the Internet for years, searching for and reading great online content from many different sources has given me the impetus to share that content, and even provide some of my own, to all of you!  I hope you enjoy what really is a place to share, vent, discuss, and ultimately learn more about this amazing and lasting Fraternity!

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