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2021 - Is Anything Going To Change?

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First, I wanted to wish everyone a very Happy and very Prosperous New Year. As much of a firestorm of pain, suffering, and uncertainty as 2020 was, I still feel a sense of renewed hope in tomorrow, and a faith in people that really is unwarranted in today’s day and age. I must be a hopeless romantic, I suppose. Many of you are justifiably downtrodden and disappointed with the way humanity is running headfirst into this next Millennium, and I still for some reason cannot join you in pessimistic thoughts and beliefs.

Why so hopeful, you ask? Why do I believe that we can do better, that we can act better, that we are better? Why do I feel that amidst all the discord and enmity and lack of cooperation, we can still make a positive impact on the world around us? Because my friends, this world has never been changed by the masses, only by the select few. This world has moved forward only on the backs and shoulders of a small minority, ones who not only envisioned a better future, but moved the small stones around to begin building that edifice of Change and Harmony.

So, as we move into this brand-new year, I already am under the realization that the masses will not promote lasting and demonstrable change. The masses are afraid, scared by sensationalized media, a worldwide change in our social interactions with one another, and a lack of accountability based on the "sound bite" culture that we now live in.

We, as a people, have forgotten how to be empathetic, how to be sympathetic, and how to be compassionate with one another. We have forgotten how to love our fellow man, and only feel vindicated when we can make other people feel worse than we do. We no longer celebrate our differences as a species; instead, we point out these differences and wave them as banners of hate and bigotry, again, to make ourselves feel superior to those “not like us.”

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We confuse acquaintanceship with true friendship; we celebrate our self-worth by how many “friends” we have on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. We have traded “knowing” and “touching” another human soul with vapid commentary and rude discourse behind the glow and security of an Internet device.

This is everything we have done at the “external” level. The damage we have done to ourselves as a species on the “internal” level is equally as terrible.

We have made religion a complete substitute for accountability and reason. We have traded all our personal responsibility for our actions to the Will of the Gods. We have confused and forgotten the definitions of the spirit and the soul, and in doing so, have broken a chain of cognizance that existed since the beginning of humanity. We no longer acknowledge that our collective humanity is the driving force behind the “good” and the “evil” in this world. We stopped believing that within all of us (not solely ourselves) is a spark of Creation, and as a result, we kill and pillage and defame in the name of Deities that never desired us to take up arms against our fellow man.

Sounds gloomy as shit, doesn’t it? Now to put the icing on this cupcake of disaster, lets lop on a pandemic not seen in our generations, one that's polarizing and making us a more hateful culture with each and every tragic story this crisis brings. Business, communities, and not the least of which, lives are being stolen by indifference at the same rate as infection in our COVID-19 world.

So why the hell do I still cling to hope?

Why do I feel that a change for the better is truly coming?

Why do I care about this at all?

Because of what this year has taught me…

2020 taught me that my relationship with my family, as nice as it was on the surface, was completely broken by the monotony of “living” in the pre-COVID era. I feel like I have learned and shared more with my family these past 9 months, than I ever did before. I understand my children more than I did previously, and through this “forced” opportunity to be together, I have learned a bit more about their inner natures, their wants, and their physical and spiritual needs. With my spouse, I have learned that her existence in this world, as separate as she needs to be at times, only balances and complements my own, and without her, I would be a lesser man today. Through these direct connections, I can honestly say that I am more in touch with what it means to be a human today than I was in 2019 and before.

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2020 has taught me that there is a big difference between surface-level acquaintances and deep spiritual friendships. I have learned that those deeper relationships are essential to a grounded and worthwhile existence. It has taught me that I need those relationships, those direct interactions, with people that truly give a shit about my wellbeing, to be a happier person. And through that learning, I realized that most of the people I used to consider friends, were only those surface level people that I do not really miss at all.

2020 taught me that the search for Truth and Light is still alive and well. In deep furrows and forgotten roads, people still light the candle of Truth. There will “never” be the bonfires of change that we so desperately think we need. Just a small candle, here and there, that opens the minds of a small few, can begin to change the minds of everyone around them. People, from time to time, stop to ponder that Light, what it means, how it can change them. Many move on, but a few will stop and think, and light a candle of their own. This is how enlightenment begins, with little candles, lighting other little candles, until people are confident enough to turn that eye inward, with a small band of chosen friends, and begin that Divine Work on their own personal Temples.

I’ve seen that candle lit, and maybe once or twice, I’ve lit my own. There are enough people out there who seek Truth, who seek to give a name to this quest for Light. Some call it the Craft, and in some small ways I agree. The candles are lit in the Inner Temples of a select few, but the masses cling to this false tale of a social club with stale degrees that it has propagated for over a century. Let that construct die, it serves us no purpose any longer.

Every mystery school of the past has suffered a similar fate. From the Telesterion at Eleusis, to the altars erected for Mithras; from the alchemical workshops of the Rosy Cross, to the baptismal pools of the Essenes, all these guardians of their own little candles perished under the weight of either a sword, or from a campaign for “numbers,” or the most harmful weapon of all: indifference and apathy.

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My wish for you all this year is to light your own little candle, turn that eye that is searching or something better, turn it inward, and begin that search within your own heart and soul. Make friends, not acquaintances. Learn to love your fellow man, to truly love someone else for want and not for only blood or kinship. Cultivate a relationship with your Creator, because you “really” want to touch the Infinite and the Divine in our Creation, to make yourself a more connected human being, and not simply because “that’s how I was raised.”

Just light that candle...

~~ FDTL ~~

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