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400 Episodes of Pure Masonic Light!

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This is more of a love letter, than an actual blog post, but I could not let this amazing anniversary pass without saying something about this momentous occasion!

400 Episodes of the Whence Came You Masonic Podcast. A pure labor of love from Right Worshipful Brother Robert Johnson, from Illinois. Started way back in the day (July 2011), the WCY Podcast quickly became a weekly fixture for many Masons (and profane) that wanted to learn more about Freemasonry. I was a late-comer to the party, and didn't start listening until about 2015, but it quickly became one of my favorite things to listen to every Monday on the hour-plus commute to work.

Brother Robert has addressed controversy, referenced scholars, read papers, and delved into nearly every part of the Masonic Craft through his platform, and both Masons and non-Masons alike have benefited from the eight years of "light" that he has shared with subscribers all over the world. From papers covering a range of topics, to interviews with some of the most influential people in Freemasonry, and even personal stories about the Craft and his experiences within it; Brother Robert has allowed many people interested in Masonry to expand their horizons and learn something new each and every week.

Some of my most favorite episodes include (but are not limited to):

...and a WHOLE bunch of others. If I listed them all, I may as well create an index for his site, because there are very few of the WCY Podcasts that I don't consider a "favorite." Even when I see the title that doesn't immediately spark my interest, by the end of the episode, I'm always saddened that's it over and I have to wait a week for something more. Brother Robert is engaging, nuanced, and most importantly, sincere in every single statement he makes. The love and respect he holds for Freemasonry is genuine and pervasive in every single episode produced.

The reason why this is a letter of love and affection is becuase the Whence Came You Podcast is the primary reason why I got so into Freemasonry. The Craft, to me, and my provincial way of thinking, was old, dying, boring, and offered me no answers to the questions I thought it would. But stumbling onto WCY one day on my commute to work, that all changed for me. Brother Robert showed me that Freemasonry was SO much more than I had seen, and through eight years of shows, week after week, there was so much substance to the Craft itself. So much so that I am constantly reminded that my journey would have come to an end had it not been for this weekly podcast, telling me to get off my ass and to keep searching for more.

Well, to the Whence Came You Podcast, I can only send you my deepest and most immeasurable thanks. Thank you for inspiring me to find aspects of the Craft that I can enjoy; thank you for teaching me how to listen and how to to learn; thank you for opening my eyes and expanding my horizons; and most importantly, thank you for being a constant source of optimism, solace, and inspiration in my life.

Robert, I'm pretty sure the "Light" that we are all searching for probably leads to the porch light at your front door.

To another 400 Episodes!

~~ FDTL ~~

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