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OMG, The women are taking over everything!

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That is all I could think of, reading the comments section of the Grand Lodge of California Facebook post, where they referenced their April 2019 article "Women of Freemasonry," which can be found HERE.

I actually read the article, as opposed to some of the people who were complaining, screaming, and virtually demitting on this Facebook post. So much bile and anger in the comments. It caught me by surprise.

Nowhere in these articles, or profiles on four women Freemasons from different jurisdictions did I see any endorsement by the Grand Lodge of California. I did not see a summons to attend a special session of the Grand Lodge to offer all these groups recognition and inter-visitation. I did not see evidence of a compact to join in meetings with them. All I saw was profiles and questions asked of four women Freemasons, asking them what they liked about their version of the Craft, what working tool they liked, and what they found important in Freemasonry.

That was it. Nothing more, nothing less.

I did not know that a generic, and generally informative article into an aspect of Freemasonry that I know little about, would cause so much uninformed vitriol. Just because I find it intriguing, doesn't mean that I will start breaking my obligations and trying to sneak into an all-women meeting. It doesn't mean that I am forbidden from respecting their desire to practice the lessons of the Craft. It doesn't mean that "regular" Grand Lodges will start co-mingling and conducting business with these 'clandestine" lodges of Brothers who wear dresses instead of tuxedos.

So why does this article rattle so many men? I honestly can't come up with a good answer. Women in Freemasonry existed long before all of you took your obligations. Most of them (except for Co-masonic institutions) want nothing to do with traditional Lodges and Grand Lodges. They just want to practice their own form of the Craft in their own way. Doesn't mean you have to invite them to a Lodge dinner, or discuss the secrets of Freemasonry over a skim-foamed triple macchiato. It doesn't mean a woman will be coming into your Lodge to perform the Middle Chamber lecture because you couldn't find someone at the last minute.

All this article is saying is that these women are here, they do things related to the Craft, and it changed their lives for the better. How can anyone have a negative comment about that?

P.S. - They probably talk about light bulbs and lodge rental fees and the occasional clam bake at their meetings just like 90% of our Lodges, so we aren't missing much :/

Relax gents, they have been here for a while, and they don't want to share their goodies just as much we don't want to either. Let's worry more about improving our own experiences than worrying about who is going to impose their will upon us and get in on our green beans. Those green beans belong to us men.

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