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Prioritizing Your Thankfulness

Figured I would dispel with the usual doom and gloom that many of my posts convey (because, lets face it, to lament the steady decline of a beautiful system of education and whine about the stagnation within the Craft does indeed get tiresome), I thought it best to pen a post about things we can and should be thankful for.

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How bout we start with the big one? Creation. We should all be thankful for the glorious gift of Creation. For that magical spark that started pretty much everything. Space, time, matter, energy, and consciousness. All came into being at once, congealed from the infinitely hot fires of the primordial universe into the galaxies, stars, planets, moons, oceans, trees, puppies, and cats that we see today (Not cats, though).

No matter who or what you look up to in the night sky, and ask for guidance, healing, and thankfulness; always remember that the Creation is the single, most amazing, and awe-inspiring thing that has happened, ever. Be thankful for that. Appreciate the wonder and beauty inherent in every corner of Existence. The more you ponder how large and encompassing Existence is, the more you begin to have a much more nuanced view of your own small (and yet infinite) place in it.

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What else can we be thankful for? How about Life? That miraculous wonder, part of the Creation, that includes the coming into existence of tiny microscopic organisms, the trees and grass that live in your backyards, the animals you see hunting each other on the Discovery Channel, all the way up to modern thinking humans. Life did not HAVE to happen, it did not NEED to arise anywhere in the Universe, especially on this little ball of rock and water circling a rather mundane star, that we call the planet Earth. But it did. It arose, it flourished, and it resulted in creatures who question everything about their existence. Be thankful that we arose to be part of this Existence, that we can breathe in and experience our place within the Creation, and that we have the capacity to know Existence, study it, and ponder our proper place within it.

Think that’s enough to be thankful for? Nope, not even close. We need to be thankful for that most powerful force of all. The one that can send atoms into motion, traverse all physical boundaries, and even travel faster than light to its intended destination. It is a force that allows mankind to grow, act in concert with one another, and even move mountains when necessary. I’m not talking about gravity, or electromagnetism; I’m referring to the force and power of Love.

Agape (ἀγάπη) love is most often misinterpreted, or rather misinterprets, as the word Charity in many original Christian scriptures. Freemasonry, especially with its Christian overtones, misinterprets this form of love as simple charity, meaning to give to those less fortunate. This is a severely lackluster use of the term, and it reduces this most beautiful expression of affection for everything and everyone, into the jingling of a silver collection plate or a fundraising event in the name of the Craft.

We have lost the meaning of this agape love, which originally translates to “God is Love” and describes the unabashed love from a Creator to their Creation, that needs to be expressed among and within all of Creation, only to ultimately reflect back towards the Creator. It is a circle of unending Love that that knows no bounds. Let me define it again, it means "God is Love." Think about how simple, yet how powerful this statement is.

It is this type of love, one that transcends time and space, one that reaches into the past to our ancestors, and into the future to our progeny not yet born, that can change the landscape of our world. It can transcend death, leaving our hearts scarred for those that have left us, and also hopeful for a reunification with the same in the hopefully distant future.

Agape can change the way we see the world, and the way the world sees us. I am ever thankful for this type of Love, one that does not distinguish people by birth, creed, color, or lifestyle. It is pure and has no limits. We, as a people, have lost (or never learned) what this means, or even how to use this form of Love as a way to express ourselves in the world.

We need to be thankful that this form of expression has a name, that it has a meaning that some of us know, and that it is a tool we can use, collectively, to change the very face of the Earth, and our destiny as a civilization.

Now go enjoy your turkey and fixins (or leftovers if you read this later)!

~~ FDTL ~~

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