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Why MUST There Be a Creator? - Part One

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

Provocative topic, to be sure, but it comes up more often than I care to count. Does there HAVE to be a Creator? Is there a God? Can't we have a universe through random happenstance, without the guiding hand of whatever people call their Supreme Being?

Not to make this a blog post about religion, and it certainly is not the intent, but this seems to be a question that people find difficulty in answering. I do not believe that this question is THAT difficult to answer. Odds are, if you are reading blogs like this one, that you do not need much convincing. So for the folks that need a bit of help, let's tackle this conundrum by looking at the fruits of those labors that we refer to as the "Creation."

Courtesy of Xuanyu Han/Getty Images

When did this all begin? Well, about 13.7 billion years ago, we suspect that everything that makes up the universe that we see today was condensed and smooshed into an infinitesimally small object which is referred to as the Singularity. Then, suddenly, fluctuations in the forces of nature caused this microscopically small ball of everything exploded to create all the matter, space, and time that we today know as the universe.

We fast forward over 9 billion years later. Galaxies have come and gone, stars have been born and died by the trillions. The space that makes up our visible universe has expanded millions upon millions of light years, and in our tiny little corner of the universe, our mediocre, small, main sequence yellow dwarf star we call the Sun is born. Fast forward quite a few hundred million years, and life begins to pop up on a tiny mudball of water and oxygen that revolves around this little star in what is called the "goldilocks" zone.

Onward we go another couple of billion years, to the rise and fall of ocean dwelling monsters, huge insects, dinosaurs, the age of mammals, and finally to the to the rise of modern man. Our species was only one of many species of hominids that lived on the Earth to become the dominant species on the planet. How "lucky" that was.

I bet its at this point where you ask the question: "What the hell does this science lesson have to do with whether or not there is a Creator?!?" A lot, actually. It helps to frame the conversation about how one can be so sure that there is a Creator or an Architect that set all of this that we call existence into motion.

How can we be so sure? Simply put, because all the things that needed to happen almost 14 billion years ago, through today, cannot have simply happened through random chance. Happenstance could not have taken the Singularity at zero-time, expanded billions of times it's size, froze out the fundamental forces of nature one by one, coalesced into galaxies, stars, and planets, and ultimately combined into the building blocks that led to the rise of intelligent life.

There is too much perfection and order inherent to the Creation to attribute it to a series of random events. During the Big Bang, if Gravity had been just a tiny bit stronger, the singularity would have crunched back down into itself, resulting in a "Big Crunch"; if it had been only a small amount weaker, the expansion of the Universe would have kept going, and the gravity would have been too weak to form stars and nebulae and planets, and we would have a cold dead universe with no light, life, and consciousness.

Courtesy of Anirudh

To bring this conversation closer to home, if a small planetoid had not smashed into primordial Earth four billion years ago, we would not have a moon to regulate the planet's rotation and axis, and an unstable Earth would never have continued to evolve into one that would support life.

Even closer still, if the Earth was a bit further away from the Sun (a bit further than Mars), then it would never get warm enough to sustain any form of life; conversely, if it was a bit closer (say inside of Venus's orbit), then it would be too hot to maintain water in a liquid state, and again, no life.

There are thousands of other examples of the perfection woven into our Universe, and there are so many different parts, that if one failed or acted just a little bit differently, would have let to a much different, and less interesting, Creation. Without this grand design (choosing my words carefully), we would not be here to ponder the nature of our existence. Next time, we will take this premise and apply it towards the requirement for a Supreme Being in Freemasonry, why it is important, and why the reasons are not what you think they are...


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