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Why MUST There Be a Creator? - Part Two

In our last post, Why Must There Be a Creator - Part One , we briefly relayed our thoughts on why the Creation must have had a Creator, and why the myriad of things that happened over the span of 13 billion years, from the explosion of the Big Bang to the creation of the smartphone where you are reading this blog, could not have occurred by random chance.

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Now we delve into why it matters, why it is important for everyone, and why Freemasons require a belief in this Supreme Being as a requisite for membership. Whereas a few offshoot Orders do not require a belief in a God, we will not expand on those here. We'll dismiss those in this particular post, and subscribe to at least a few of the Ancient Landmarks of Freemasonry here, most notably that to be or become a Freemason, you must possess an innate belief in a Creator.

So why does it matter that a Creator exists, and must have laid his or her hand in the formation of the Creation, the Universe, human beings, and everything else in between? It matters because a Creator shows that the Creation has a cause, or a reason. The Kalam cosmological argument posits that "whatever begins to exist must have a cause", and that the "universe began to exist." So we know the universe had a beginning, and that beginning MEANS that there is a cause for it's (and our) existence. One can infer from these arguments that there is a reason or meaning behind all of existence, and we are only scratching the surface of what that is.

Why is this important? Why does there HAVE to be meaning to our lives, our roles in that life, and our very existence? Why can't we attribute the purpose of life to a simple drudgery of waking up, eating Frosted Flakes, sitting in traffic, working a full day, scarfing a meal or two, and doing it all over again? Is that not enough of a purpose? Should there be more to life than that?

Why yes, yes there should. We need to realize that as tiny and insignificant we THINK we are, each and every one of us contains a portion of the Creation inside of us. 13.7 billion years ago, within the confines of a point much smaller than an atom, all of the space and time and matter and energy that makes up our Universe was all inside this tiny little singularity. What makes up the tip of your toe, a pebble sitting at the bottom of the deepest part of the Pacific Ocean, and the farthest star we can see with a telescope all began in the same place and at the same time; and it was all connected. The purpose of our lives, of existence in general, is to acknowledge and understand the interconnectedness of it all. Not from a wishy-washy "feely" perspective, from a perspective rooted in reality and scientific proof. This concept of "oneness" exists in many mantras and spiritual teachings, and span as far back as the beginning of human civilization.

So why is a belief in some type of Supreme Being necessary to become an initiate in the Mysteries of Freemasonry? The stock, bumper sticker answer is that no obligation taken would be binding on anyone that does not subscribe to a belief in a higher power. The Masonic Services Association of North America gives you the textbook answers about religion and Freemasonry, which can be seen HERE. They are in fact correct when they state that Freemasonry is not a religion, nor should it be to the masses. We do not believe, however, that the fear of breaking an obligation because someone doesn't want to upset a spiritual Father figure is enough of a satisfactory answer.

Fears of ethereal repercussions, after you are no longer living, because an obligation was broken is a bit banal to us. Perhaps the reason that candidates are required to believe in a higher SOMETHING is that Freemasonry understands our greater purpose and origins more than any other organization. Freemasonry teaches, when all is said and done, that the manner in which we improve ourselves is through a careful and purposeful study of Nature or our existence. When we have a better understanding of the world around us, its forms and functions, its beauty and order, we begin to sense that we: ourselves, the people around us, the fish in the oceans, the stars in the night sky, and the memories of our loved ones long since gone, are all connected in an amazing web of existence.

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We know it not when we begin this journey, by placing our hands on the Holy Bible, Qur'an, Tanakh, or other sacred book of Scripture, that we are acknowledging the undeniable existence of a Heavenly designer, named however you choose, one that shaped everything around us, and gave us a path towards understanding the deeper parts of our "Nature."

We acknowledge that all of existence sprang from a single source, that we are all connected, and that it is our duty as custodians of this tiny little ball of rock and ocean, to explore, understand, study, and to better the world around us. In turn, we will learn to harness that understanding into bettering our own existence. That is why we obligate only those who know, deep down, that a Supreme Being created everything; that this Supreme Being wove order and harmony into every single part of existence; and by understanding that plan and order, though the study of the philosophies and sciences, do we understand our place in the breathtakingly awesome and beautiful spectacle that is the Creation.


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